Benefits Of Being a Client

Here's what Loan Officers get working with The Adsmiths...

Facebook Marketing

Our flagship advertising campaigns to generate exclusive home buyer and mortgage leads on the largest social media platform on Earth.

Instagram Marketing

Stay top of mind and generate more leads to share with Realtors on the 4th largest network only behind LinkedIn and Twitter.

Automated Lead Follow Up

Intelligent follow up automation scrubs an average of 52% of leads for you through SMS messages, voicemail drops, and emails.

Zombie Reactivation System

32% or more of your old crusty leads will come back from the dead using our proprietary Zombie campaign to create new conversations.

Refi Cash Truck

Database refinance campaign that gets a fast 2-5 loans for our new clients to get an immediate ROI. Over $1MM in commissions generated.

Inside Sales Army

Our personal team of Inside Sales Agents going to battle to generate mini-applications so you can relax knowing we handle the follow up.

Peer Coaching & Scripts

Get access to the best performing scripts, tips and insider secrets to get the highest ROI possible from your investment with Adsmiths.

Adspend Included

Everything, including your adspend, is taken care of with our retainer like an all-inclusive resort in Mexico so you never feel nickel and dimed.


Meet some of our clients and hear what they have to say...

Kareem Baldwin

You need Bryan Carpenter running your ads. I probably call the least amount out of every loan officer and I have 5 loans in the pipeline after 1 month. I've ONLY called people who set an appointment with me.

Mylo Draven

So I made a great decision joining the Legion. I have been in the presence of excellence, determination, integrity and have been inspired and elevated by my friends in the Legion. I have no desire, or time, to run and perfect Facebook Ads. I am busy strengthening my Strategic Referral Partnerships, and running files. However, I know that this lead gen is something that needs to be in my arsenal.

The decision I made a few weeks ago was BRILLIANT! I hired Bryan Carpenter and his team. He has been nothing short of AMAZING. He has consulted with me every step of the way. He has listened to my wants and needs. He and his team have helped me INCREASE MY VALUE to longtime Strategic Referral Partners. Coupled with my Social Media presence I am now attracting brokerages to meet with me.

I focus on what I love and what I am good at on the daily. I focus on what has the most impact for my brand IMMEDIATELY. I leave Bryan and his expertise to help me with my long term goals and the goal of my Realtor Referral Partners. I have never spent money BETTER or WISER.

If you want to bring VALUE, GROWTH, and OPPORTUNITY to YOUR BRAND and your Strategic Referral Partners, get in touch with Bryan. He is doing all kinds of lead gen for me, and he has a specialty I call the "Bryan Quick Hit"! Ask him about it. Seriously, REACH OUT.

Charles McCulloch

I've been working with Bryan Carpenter for the last 2 months. Beginning Monday we will be hiring our 2 inside sales dialer. Since working with his team we have gone from 18-20 app a month to over 60 in July. We now also have an in house credit team working leads that will start coming back to us in September. June was my biggest month ever, now July is my biggest month ever, and projecting August to be the biggest ever. My hope is that I keep setting monthly record through the end of the year! It isn't just from having Bryan' help, but also Brian Methner and John W Smith leadership. Thanks to all involved.

Reed Letson

For those of you that are tired of running fb ads and prefer to just hand it off to someone else, I'd highly recommend you reach out to Bryan Carpenter. I know he doesn't talk a lot about what he can do for you but its definitely lifted a lot of the pressure off my plate.

Before I hired him, I mistakenly hired another agency but it was taking this guy a long time to setup my ads and wasn't really listening to what I wanted. Plus the added pressure of Realtor breathing down my neck... this guys just wasn't getting it done.

Now that Bryan took over, I now have a lot more time to do the tasks that actually make me money like recruit more realtors to work with my company, recruit more LOs, build out marketing campaigns to generate more leads, train my new ISA, teach classes, etc.

Bottom line is, running ads does not make you more money so why are you doing this task. Concentrate on the tasks that are going to help you produce the best results.

You have limited time so make the best use of it.
Happy Friday, LOLO... it's now time for a drink!!!

Daryle Evans

Special thanks to Bryan Carpenter and Adsmiths encouraging me to do videos. Check out Bryan Carpenter at The Adsmiths to help you with Facebook Advertising and suggestions on how to market yourself on social media.

Generating over 50,000 mortgage and real estate leads for clients has taught us that the leads are the easy part.

In the end, success comes down to follow up and follow through, which is why we built the Inside Sales Army© to handle the follow up and pass you mini-applications as they are taken.

Now you don't have to stop your life every time a lead comes in to call them. We do it for you.

No more watching your email like a hawk to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Our team is on top of it and passing you applications from the most serious buyers.


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Save $1,000 as a Legion member to have us manage your ads, generate leads and convert applications with our Inside Sales Army.

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All-inclusive retainer for ad management, lead generation and conversion to loan applications using our Inside Sales Army.

Full Service



All-inclusive retainer for ad management, lead generation and conversion to loan applications using our Inside Sales Army.

Full Service



All-inclusive retainer for ad management, lead generation and conversion to loan applications using our Inside Sales Army.


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